Representing Employees Against
Illegal Employment Practices

Federal and state employment laws give employees certain rights. These laws protect you and your community from illegal employment practices. If you are being discriminated against or are not receiving the compensation you have earned, an employment lawyer can help you. At The Buenker Law Firm in Houston, TX, attorneys Josef F. Buenker and Thomas H. Padgett, Jr. have represented thousands of employees over the last three decades. Although our lawyers have a vast knowledge of many employment claim types, we have limited our practice to focus on claims such as unpaid wages, misclassification, failure to pay minimum wages, and exemptions from overtime to provide our clients with the most effective legal services. 

The attorneys at The Buenker Law Firm generally limit their practice to the representation of employees who believe that they have been wronged in the workplace. On occasion, the firm also assists employers who are trying to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable state and federal statutes.

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If you feel you have been wronged in the workplace, our attorneys can help.

Our Employment Law Services

We represent workers from all walks of life, from the Chief Executive Officer to the intern. The attorneys at The Buenker Law Firm handle cases regarding: 

  • Failure to pay minimum wage
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Salaried Workers’ Overtime 
  • Exempt vs. Non-exempt Employee Status
  • Misclassification of Independent Contractors
  • Misclassification of Managerial Employees
  • Misclassification of Professional Employees

You may click on the links above to get an overview of these areas of employment law. However, employment law is a very complex area of the law and you should get competent legal advice regarding your specific situation. Our experienced lawyers can investigate the facts of your situation to determine whether you have a case and what your options are. The attorneys at The Buenker Law firm will review the information you give us about your situation and, if warranted, will set up a consultation, either by phone or in person. After the consultation and after reviewing the information that you give us regarding your circumstances, we will let you know whether or not we believe that your rights have been violated and whether or not we will be able to help you.

We represent employees of all walks of life, from the Chief Executive Officer to the intern. 

Our employment attorneys are committed to helping ensure that employers comply with state and federal employment laws; we are not interested in “creating” claims where none exist. Our community functions better when everyone plays by the same rules, and employers that violate employment laws not only harm their employees but also gain an unfair advantage over their competitors and thus harm our free market and our community.

Know Your Rights - Exercise Your Rights 

The law gives workers certain rights in the workplace. Employers must follow the law, but workers often do not know what rights are guaranteed by the law. Understanding your rights is critical to exercising them. If you would like to discuss your workplace rights, whether your rights have been violated, or whether you might have a claim with an attorney, the lawyers at The Buenker Law Firm are well-suited to assist you.

Contact us online or call us today at (713) 868-3388 to schedule your consultation. 

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Attorneys Josef F. Buenker and Thomas H. Padgett, Jr. fight hard to protect workers from wage theft and illegal wage and hour practices. With decades of experience in recovering workers’ stolen wages, we have the ability to represent workers facing wage & hour issues like:

If you believe you have been taken advantage of by your employer, please contact our Houston law firm to request a free consultation. You can reach us online or by calling (713) 868-3388.

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